Ever Ready for Change!

Aside the Children's Home and Youth Development, which is our core mandate, we seek to also extend our arms taking care of widows, support single parents to start and grow their business to support their families. Apart from the above we seek to generate locate support for ourselves through other channels of income such as fish, vegetable farming and piggery.



Quality Home care is a priority!

The Childrens Home has been running since 2001. We have made sure our operations are clear and diligent. We believe in investing in our children, which has resulted in achieving our aim as a ministry.

We have a permanent residence at Anto, in the Shama District in Sekondi-Takoradi, which is the home for our children and youth.

Every child under our care has the advantage to go to school or attend apprentiship program. it is our core value to make everyone educated formally or informally.

Every child or youth in our residence has access to the basics needs of a person. We provide food, shelter, clothing, and pocket money to keep their need met and to also help them feel a sense of Belonging.

We have a foster family setup for our children where their care givers live with the children as parents like their biological children in their allocated furnished apartment. We seek to inculcate strong family values and culture our children based on solid Christian foundation so that they can be useful to themselves and their society.


Youth Development

As part of our youth development process we support the youth people in various universities in Ghana through tuition, accommodation and upkeep as well as summer camp programs which;

(a) Give them the ability to analyze their own strength and weaknesses, set personal and vocational goals and have the self esteem, confidence, motivation, and ability to carry them out including the ability to establish support networks in order to fully participate in community life and effect positive change.

(b) To inculcate the ability to guide or direct others on a course of action, influence the opinions and behaviors’ of others and serve as role models and agents of change in our country and beyond.

Widows Support

Research and stories from the past shows that widows are often denied inheritance rights, have their property grabbed  after the death of partner, and can face extreme stigma and discrimination, as percieved carriers of diseases which render them expose to trauma stigma and poverty leading to ill health and untimely death.

For this reason and others we decided to give support to widows and widowers to give them the opportuinity to fend for themselves and be an arm of help for them in times of their need.

we build a Sense of Belonging!


Agriculture impacts global trade because its tied to other sectores of the economy, supporting job creation and encouraging economic development. As a ministry, we understand the effort of sustainability through creating avenues locally to help our daily running. For this reason, we have engage in farming to sustain ourselves locally.