Fathers Home Care

This Godly Vision was concieved on the street of Tema during an outreach with YWAM and birthed in sekondi-Takoradi in Ghana on January 7th, 2001. Accepting the vision was a challenge from the start, knowing how society tagged such kind of work as corrupt and not appealing, yet the Giver of this vision promised never to fail us.

We began this work with 7 orphaned and vulnerable children but today we boldly say GOD has been good as we currently have 105 children and youth with the breakdown as follows.

National Service


This Ministry runs on a Foster family setting in the Children’s Home and encourages strong family living and so help children and youth in our facility link back to to their families through investigations and visits where possible.

The ministry seek to develop the potentials of the individuals by a sense of belonging. the Ministry has supported various vulnerable groups to gain employable skills.

#Trained 27 female inmates at Sekondi prison

 # Supported 5 single parents to start business

#Trained 7 young people in apprenticeship

Over 600 children and youth have walked through and out of the doors of the Ministry. Some of the these young  people are gainfully employed with their own families and making impact in society to build mother Ghana.



1. Inspiring confidence and self acceptance to attain self discovery.

2. Create an enable environment for effective personal development

3. To foster natonlism and partrotism based on solid Christian Foundation (Values)

4. Carry out Social and Public Educational program with the department of Social welfare and Protection.

5. Identify street Children, Register and Rehabilitate them.


  • To transfer the lives of children and young people who pass through our doors to become independent and useful to themselves and the society through Christian based training.
  • Assist children who are victims of abandonment, neglect, divorce and in the need of care and protection towards achieving self-fulfillment and realization.
  • Assist children who are orphans and paupers to realize their full potentials so as to be self -reliant and contribute towards nation building.
  • Identify vulnerable youth and assist in their human resource development.
  • To make Jesus personal and Christianity personal for proper development.